Images show optional 6" side rails

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Tow-Mate USA is a family owned business In Edgar, WI. The Tow-Mate was designed to help all present and future owners of Tow Dollies get more value from their purchase. We designed and created the first and only flatbed product that can fit onto most all major brands of Tow Dollies. We designed it to be light weight yet durable so it can handle most needs of a standard Utility Trailer. We also made it easy to attach and detach from a Tow Dolly in just minutes by one person. It is simple, yet a useful product that most likely will outlast your Tow Dolly, but that's ok if it does, because with our patented bracket system you can simply refit your Tow-Mate to any new Tow Dolly. We can also produce customized flatbed systems if needed and even dip/paint them so they match your trailer or RV colors. Plenty of options are available. Thank you for stopping by and we hope we can be of service to you in the near future. - TOW-MATE USA

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3. Save money, time and space with the Tow-Mate. No more need for two or more trailers. With the Tow-Mate you save money with a durable utility trailer option. Tow most any vehicle or haul most anything you want now with a simple conversion, which can be done in just minutes by one or two persons.

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2. Use the Tow-Mate attachment to haul all your favorite things, from your lawnmower or ATV to your motorcycle or golf cart. it's also the perfect solution for work around the yard or cabin. Use it for short distance hauls from the local lumber yard or when moving furniture or appliances from place to place.

Image shows standard 12" side rails  Tow Dolly sold seperately

The Tow-Mate USA Tow Dolly Flatbed Attachment

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At Tow-Mate USA our mission is to provide you with an affordable and durable quality built product that you will be proud to own. We strive to provide a product and solution that meets or exceeds not only our customer needs but also those of safety departments. Our company and employees are passionate about our products, making what we do not only a business but a way of life.

1. The Tow-Mate helps turn a one use Tow Dolly into a multi-purpose Utility Trailer. Now  you can haul more than your car with your Tow Dolly. Convert your Tow Dolly into a Utility Trailerin just minutes. No need to worry about storing it when not in use either, as it takes little room when up against a wall or side of a building.