The Tow-Mate USA Tow Dolly Flatbed Attachment

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General  inquiry form

                                                                   Dealer Inquiry

                                                    Interested in becoming a Tow-Mate Dealer?

We are looking for established dealers that have a strong desire to represent the Tow-Mate product line in areas that are not currently served. Upon completion of the form to the right, a Tow-Mate USA representative will be contacting you via email or phone. Please note that it may take anywhere from 1-3 business days for a response since we run a market analysis on the area and then review inquiry's as a team. Please note that Tow-Mate USA reserves the right to sell to end users but in 98% of the cases the end consumer will pay more buying direct than buying from dealers due to added shipping costs and taxes. In most cases we will direct interested consumers to their nearest dealer.

Also note this is an inquiry form, not a formal dealer application.

What Makes Tow-Mate beneficial to your line of products?

  • The Tow-Mate allows you to up-sell your Tow Dollies.
  • You can market to both present and past customers who have purchased Tow Dolly's from you, helping bring back past customers.
  • Allows you to better market Tow Dollies and compete against other dealers selling Tow Bar solutions, as The Tow-Mate is a better solution for RV owners as now a Tow Dolly can also serve as a Utility Trailer when not towing a vehicle, making it a better value.
  • May convince a perspective trailer buyer to buy a Tow Dolly with a Tow-Mate due to its flexibility as two trailer solutions in one product.
  • The Tow-Mate takes up less space and you can easily demonstrate its functionality to perspective clients.
  • Its light weight yet durable aluminum frame is not only functional but also stylish and rust resistant.
  • It's affordable and makes good sense, not only to RV owners but also those who have recreation vehicles or a need for a Utility Trailer to use for yard work or short trips to the lumber yard.
  • The Tow-Mate easily stores away when not in use.
  • Fits most all major manufactured Tow Dolly designs.

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