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Go from Tow Dolly to flatbed trailer in minutes and then back again. Why buy a separate trailer when you can just buy a Tow-Mate attachment.


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The Tow-Mate can fit most all new and used models of tow dollies!

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Over 5 years ago the concept of the Tow-Mate was created by the President of Tow-Mate USA. Having a Tow Dolly and a need for a trailer...

The Tow-Mate USA Tow Dolly Flatbed Attachment

Edgar WI 54426 US

Tow-Mate shown with standard 12" side rails


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Go From A Car Tow Dolly To A Utility Trailer In Just Minutes!

Tow Bar Towing Pros and Cons.

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Tow Dolly Towing Pros and Cons.

Want to make your Tow Dolly more useful allowing you to get more value out of your purchase? What about being able to haul more than just your car? Maybe you’re looking for a secondary trailer that allows you more options? Well, you’ve found the right company, Welcome to Tow-Mate USA!

Tow-Mate USA, is a family owned and operated business. We are located in Edgar, WI and specialize in manufacturing flatbeds for Tow-Dolly's. We have designed the very first and only flatbed utility trailer option for your Tow Dolly. We call it the Tow-Mate. Our Patented design allows a secure custom fit to most all major brands of Tow Dolly's. Each Tow-Mate is made from durable yet light weight aluminum, allowing for quick and easy attaching and/or removal. Now you can do more than just tow a car, you can haul all your toys too!

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