• All High Grade Aluminum
  • Gross Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Total Payload Capacity: 1,595 lbs.
  • Deck Length: 8' (96")
  • Deck Width: 6' (72")
  • Deck Height From Ground: 1'- 6" (18")

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"The Tow-Mate is the first and only flatbed utility trailer option for your Tow Dolly. The patented design allows a secure custom fit to most all major brands of Tow Dolly's. Each Tow-Mate is made from durable yet light weight aluminum, allowing for quick and easy attaching and/or removal, making your Tow Dolly more useful and allowing you to get more value out of your purchase!"

Standard Features include

  • "2" Aluminum Framing
  • 12" High Aluminum Railings Standard (0" and 6" Railing Options Available)
  • Easy Assembly and Installation To All Major Brands/Models of Tow Dollies
  • Attach or Detach With One or Two People In Just Minutes
  • Low Deck for Easy Loading and Unloading (18" from ground)
  • 1,595 lb. Rated Load Capacity
  • Self Drill Fasteners and Custom Fit Brackets for Perfect Fit On Most All Tow Dolly Brands (Demco, Master Tow, Ultra Tow,  Road Master, Quality Tow and more)
  • DOT Approved Safety Reflectors
  • Padded Brackets for Comfort Ride
  • Sturdy Aluminum Mesh Floor
  • Easily Stores Standing Upright When Not In Use.
  • Sturdy Yet Light WeightFrame
  • Breakaway Safety Cable

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(Your Business Name) announces a new product. The first Universal Flatbed Attachment for Car Tow Dollies called the Tow-Mate. It is the first and only patented flatbed utility trailer attachment for Tow Dollies.

(City, State and Date)

The Tow-Mate is manufactured in the United States from the highest quality aluminum. It is a 6' x 8' flatbed, and is capable of handling a load up to 1,595 lbs. With its sturdy 1" diameter side rails that raise 12" above the bed, the Tow-Mate provides better load security and can be useful for strapping down any load. It also has several other useful attachments such as stake pockets, loading gate or ramps, ratchet straps, wheel chokes snowmobile tie-downs, wood side rails and a motorcycle rail systems. The patented bracket system of Tow-Mate allows it to be attached to or detached from the Tow Dolly without any tools or holes to be drilled. Also, it take less than two minutes for one person to put it on or take it off the Tow Dolly. 

The Tow-Mate allows a common Tow Dolly to do more than just tow a car. Now you can haul more with this two-in-one trailer option. Save space and money by having one trailer with two solutions instead of having two trailers taking up space in your yard or drive.

To learn more about the Tow-Mate visit our website: (Your Website URL Here)

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"The Tow-Mate is designed to help all present and future owners of Tow Dollies get more value from their purchase. The patented design allows it to fit onto most all major brands of Tow Dollies (old or new models). It is light weight yet durable, so it can handle most needs of a standard Utility Trailer. In just minutes you are able to attach and detach from a Tow Dolly with just one person. Plenty of add-on options are available too."

As a dealer you have the right to use our marketing materials, our logo and our photos to help better your sales opportunities of the Tow-Mate. We offer a wide range of materials and solutions which we hope help you sell more. All our marketing materials are free to you our dealers. If you have any questions or even ideas on better marketing concepts that you would like to see made available to dealers please let us know. Our interest is in helping you sell more!

tow-mate... makes the tow dolly a better solution!

our missioN

The Tow-Mate USA Tow Dolly Flatbed Attachment

Edgar WI 54426 US

"The Tow-Mate is the perfect option for those who have or are looking to purchase a Tow Dolly. This one-of-a-kind patented flatbed solution helps easily convert your Tow-Dolly into a durable and handy Utility Trailer. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminum flatbed can be assembled and installed in less than an hour and can be placed on or taken off your Tow Dolly in just minutes by one or two people. The low flatbed allows for easy loading and unloading and can move anything from your ATV, golf cart or motorcycle to furniture, appliances, lumber, lawn care equipment and yard waste. Also save space by not having the need for two trailers, a Tow Dolly and a Utility Trailer. When in storage, the Tow-Mate flatbed can be easily stored up against a wall in a garage or outside standing up against a building. Save money,
space and feel smart with the purchase of the Tow-Mate."

"If you own a Tow Dolly or are thinking of purchasing one, the Tow-Mate Flatbed makes the perfect add-on accessory. Turn your Tow Dolly into a useful Utility Trailer in just minutes and then back again, just as easy. The Patented self adjusting system allows for a custom fit to most all major brands of Tow Dollies. This lightweight, yet durable flatbed accessory helps you get more value out of your Tow Dolly, eliminating the need for multiple trailers and added costs to haul or transport all your important things!"

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At Tow-Mate USA our mission is to provide you with an affordable and durable quality built product that you will be proud to own. We strive to provide a product and solution that meets or exceeds not only our customer needs but also those of safety departments. Our company and employees are passionate about our products, making what we do not only a business but a way of life.

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