Tow-Mate shown with optional 6" side rails

Choose from two options of gates that custom fit the Tow-Mate.

Keep your motorcycle in place on the Tow-Mate with this wheel rail.

Want to keep your trailer in place? Get a set or two of wheel chokes here.

If you do not have a way to load your stuff these aluminum ramps work great.

Add Pole Posts and allow yourself to have extended sides to your Tow-Mate.

  • Gross Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity: 1,595 lbs.
  • Deck Length: 8' (96")
  • Deck Width: 6' (72")
  • Deck Height From Ground: 1'- 6" (18")


Popular Accessories For The Tow-Mate


Thank you for your interest. If you own a Tow Dolly or are thinking of purchasing one, our Tow-Mate Flatbed makes the perfect add-on accessory. Turn your Tow Dolly into a useful Utility Trailer in just minutes and then back again, just as easy. Our Patented self adjusting system allows for a custom fit to most all major brands of Tow Dollies.  This lightweight yet durable flatbed accessory, helps you get more value out of your Tow Dolly, eliminating the need for multiple trailers and added costs to haul or transport all your important things.

Images show the Tow-Mate with 12" rails

The Tow-Mate USA Tow Dolly Flatbed Attachment

Edgar WI 54426 US

Keep everything secure on your Tow-Mate with these 14' straps.